Seanoy Design is the third generation of jewelry designers and manufacturers in Israel.

We design and create outstanding jewelry specialising in spinning bands. In our work, we combine old techniques inspired by the ancient Israeli art along with new and modern textures.

All of our handcrafted jewelry made of the finest quality of Sterling Silver combining 10k.,14k. and 18k. Gold.

Furthermore our design's superior craftsmanship set with semi-precious stones to the highest standards.

Seanoy's desire and vision has been always making all of our customers happy and satisfied to the maximum levels.

Our spinning collection has inspired so many people through the years and therefore our great and enthusiastic designers make their best to create the finest and exciting bands for you.

We have always worked with the biggest brands and companies in the world. It's time for us to reborn and meet our costumers face to face.

Seanoy Design, Spin Your World.